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#98: How to Stop Talking to Heal Your Relationship w/ Guest - Phil Deluca

Phil Deluca is Guest on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji

What if there was a new approach to communication and relationship management that clearly shows why the 'Traditional Talk Therapy is relationship suicide?

Today's guest has saved thousands of relationships from the dead zone & teaches people how to stop talking in order to communicate better, heal their relationship(s) and even their health .

Join The Queen of Expression - Alex Okoroji LIVE on, Talk Wednesday, 15 November 2017 @ 9pm GMT | 10pm WAT | 11pm CAT | 2pm PDT | 4pm CT | 5pm EDT | as she chats in an unfiltered conversation with UnTalk Therapist, Relationship Coach & Author - PHIL DELUCA, joining live from the USA as we explore how to communicate better in our relationships.

Feel free to Join the Conversation. Call In LIVE via +1 (323) 642-1693.

Today's Show Is Sponsored by Global Royale, The Jamison Group and The Naked Philosophy

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